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Bandstand. Balaam Street Recreation Ground, Plaistow.Balaam Street Recreation Ground, Plaistow.Essex Lodge, Greengate Street, Plaistow.Plaistow Baths, Balaam Street. Demolished 1972.Plaistow Broadway. c1906.Abbey Arms, Barking Road, Plaistow.1977 Silver Jubilee. Braemar Road, Plaistow.Chesterton House, Balaam Street, Plaistow. (Part of Plaistow Maternity Hospital).Croydon Road, Plaistow. Bomb damage. September 1940.Demolition of Curwen Press, Plaistow (from St Mary's Road). July 1985.Former YMCA & Red Triangle Club, Greengate Street, Plaistow.Jeyes Ltd, Plaistow. Original Paper Department. c1935.Jeyes Ltd, Plaistow. Staff at Richmond House. 1935.Jeyes Ltd, Plaistow. Works staff. c1900.Lister Secondary School, Plaistow. 1973.Oliver's National School, Plaistow. (St Mary's Church Hall Men's Club).Plaistow High Street (near Upper Road). 20 July 1931.Plaistow Triangle Camp. Types of unemployed men at the Triangle Camp. 24 July 1906.Princess Margaret attending the service to mark the laying of the foundation stone at St Philip's church, Plaistow. 1954.Riles Road, Plaistow. Bomb damage. 19 March 1941.