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1953 Coronation. Chandos Road, Stratford.1953 Coronation. Street party.1977 Silver Jubilee. Braemar Road, Plaistow.The Banerjee Sisters at the Gandhi Weekend Celebrations, Old Town Hall, Stratford. 16 November 1991.Christmas at West Ham Children's Home. 1952.1953 Coronation. Mortham Street, West Ham.1953 Coronation. Mortham Street, West Ham.1937 Coronation. Bidder Street, Canning Town.Keir Hardie Centenary Celebrations, Old Town Hall, Stratford. 1992.1935 Silver Jubilee. Denmark Street, Plaistow.1977 Silver Jubilee. Coleridge Avenue, Manor Park.1977 Silver Jubilee. Talbot Road, East Ham.1977 Silver Jubilee. Vicarage Road, West Ham.1897 Diamond Jubilee. Stratford Broadway.West Ham Education Week 1922. Pageant.West Ham Borough Jubilee 1936. Town Hall illuminations.West Ham Borough Jubilee 1936. Illuminations from Town Hall roof.Canning Town Public Hall decorated for the West Ham Borough Jubilee. 1936.1977 Silver Jubilee. Nottingham Avenue, Custom House.1977 Silver Jubilee. Alexandra Road, East Ham.