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116-120 West Ham Lane. May 1902.1977 Silver Jubilee. Arthingworth Street, West Ham.38-46 Plaistow Road. July 1903.60-72 Plaistow Road including the Lord Gough. 1902.Abbey Mills Pumping Station, 1978.Ham House in the days of Dr John Fothergill. c1770.Plaistow Road from the corner of John Street. May 1952.Plaistow Road. Bomb damage. 19 September 1940.1953 Coronation. Mortham Street, West Ham.1953 Coronation. Mortham Street, West Ham.Motorcycling at the Thames Ironworks Memorial Grounds.Demolition of Watts Point, Brooks Estate. June 2003.Park Schools, West Ham.1977 Silver Jubilee. Vicarage Road, West Ham.The Queen Mother visiting the Guinness Trust sheltered housing estate, Plaistow Road. 21 June 1955.The Queen Mother with Mr M F Outten during a visit to Stondon House, Guinness Trust, Plaistow Road. 28 June 1984.West Ham church. 1977.West Ham Church.West Ham Park. Cannons.West Ham Park. Cairn on the site of Ham House. 1910.