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Keir Hardie. Vote for Keir Hardie.Susan Lawrence. Election poster.Susan Lawrence. Election poster.Asian Youth Demonstration. East Ham. c1987.Docks protest.C Goetz, Butcher, corner of Harrow Road & High St North, East Ham. Damaged in anti-German riots, June 1915. Decoration probably for Coronation of King George V.Elwyn Jones, MP. Pre-election campaign, 1974.1955 General Election. Stratford Express Office. 27 May 1955.1945 General Election. West Ham Town Hall balcony. 26 July 1945.1955 General Election. Elwyn Jones at West Ham Town Hall. 27 May 1955.General Strike May 1926. Stratford Broadway.Keir Hardie Centenary Celebrations, Old Town Hall, Stratford. 1992.General Strike. Stratford Broadway. May 1926.Plaistow Triangle Camp. Types of unemployed men at the Triangle Camp. 24 July 1906.Will Thorne.Susan Lawrence. Election poster."Hail to the Chief." Jubilee of J Keir Hardie, MP. 1906.A Socialist Greeting. Keir Hardie with RC Wallhead, later MP for Merthyr.Collier Laddies. Title page of pamphlet by Keir Hardie.J Keir Hardie, MP.