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Beaconsfield Street (looking towards Winsor School). February 1971.Beckton Gasworks after closure with the horizontal filter plant (foreground) and coke ovens (background). 1984.Beckton Gasworks from Woolwich Manor Way. (Showing buildings used in the film Full Metal Jacket). October 1986Beckton Gasworks. 1950s.Beckton Gasworks. 1960sBeckton Gasworks. 1960s.Beckton Gasworks. Aerial view.Beckton Gasworks. Bomb damage. 10 September 1940.Beckton Gasworks. Former entrance. 16 January 1991.Beckton Gasworks. Foundry. 1881.Beckton Gasworks. Frederick Evans, Chief Engineer of the Chartered Gas Company, on the left.Beckton Gasworks. Main entrance.Beckton Gasworks. No 1 Pier from No 2 Pier. 1984Beckton Gasworks. Reform plant cooling tower. 1984.Beckton Gasworks. Remains of coke handling and filtration plants. 1984Beckton Gasworks. Travelling crane.Beckton Gasworks. View of Gasholders, Manager's House & temporary Engineer's Office. September 1870.Beckton Globe. Library & Local Service Centre. Opened 1998.Beckton Level Crossing. 16 March 1928Beddall's Farm, Manor Way. July 1973.