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Cullum Street, Stratford. Delivery of the first electric stove in West Ham.Demolition of Watts Point, Brooks Estate. June 2003.Livingstone Road, Stratford. c1953.Major Road area. c1935.Temporary Post-War Housing. Queens Road. Nissen Huts. 1945.The Queen Mother visiting the Guinness Trust sheltered housing estate, Plaistow Road. 21 June 1955.Beaconsfield Street (looking towards Winsor School). February 1971.Bidder Street, Canning Town. 14 Oct 1924.Abbey Lane area. 1964.Wilton's Yard, Angel Lane, Stratford. 8 February 1934.Wilton's Yard, Angel Lane, Stratford. 8 February 1934.Stratford High Street. 1964.Canning Town: a hybrid Suburb (from George Godwin's Town Swamps & Social Bridges. 1856).Collapse of Ronan Point, Canning Town. 1968.Keir Hardie estate, Canning Town. New shops & maisonettes in Fife Road. 1950s.Living conditions. Canning Town. c1890.Major Road area, Stratford. c1935.New housing. Britannia Village, Silvertown. 1998.Cearns House and William Morley Close. 1970s.Chant Square, Stratford. 1969.